Monthly Archives: April 2021

Carbon nanospike catalyst splits water, carbon dioxide

In a new twist to existing ORNL technology, researchers have developed an electrocatalyst that enables water and carbon dioxide to be split and recombined to create high-weight hydrocarbons for nuclear gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. The technology is a carbon nanocaque catalyst that uses custom-designed alloy nanoparticles, licensed by California-based Prometheus Fuels. The catalyzed surface… Read More »

Graphene ‘smart surfaces’ now tunable for visible spectrum

Researchers at the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester have created optical devices with uniqueness, covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light. A paper published in Nature Photonics outlines the next generation of display devices for this ‘smart surface’ technology, from the dynamic thermal blanket of satellites and multi-spectral adaptive camouflages. The… Read More »

Researchers develop materials for oral delivery of insulin medication

A revolutionary technology developed within the Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) can dramatically improve the well-being of diabetic patients: an insulin oral delivery system that replaces traditional subcutaneous injections without the side effects caused by frequent injections Can. Using prepared layers of nanosheets with insulin between the layers to protect it, the… Read More »