Monthly Archives: July 2021

Make precision medicine work for cancer care

Ten months ago, the physicians of an enthusiastic 76-year-old sales clerk from New Jersey who had an advanced carcinoma in his urinary tract decided to try unconventional therapy. A few weeks ago, he sent a sample of his tumor to my team at the Institute of Precision Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and New… Read More »

How to Numbers matter

Albert Einstein is said to have said that the theory should be as simple as possible, but not simple. By the same token, biomedical researchers doing in vivo experiments should use as few animals as possible, but no fewer. On page 271, Nature reports a move by UK government funding agencies to require grant applicants… Read More »

Scientists must speak up on fossil-fuel divestment

The editors call it “eat-your-pies” journalism — stories that are actually good for you, if not nearly as enjoyable as the latest news about Jeremy Clarkson or the breakfast television presenter’s wardrobe malfunction. Climate change is the ultimate eat-your-peas journalism. At some stage most people are aware that they should be deeply concerned about it.… Read More »