Monthly Archives: August 2021

Against vicious activism

Seven activists were sentenced last month to between 4 and 11 years in prison for running an intimidation campaign against animal-testing firm Huntingdon Life Sciences in Huntingdon, UK. Hopefully, these sentences will deter future UK activists from using similar tactics, which included threats, hoax bombs, character assassination and property destruction. Unfortunately, such tactics are increasingly… Read More »

No time for rhetoric

In a speech on 22 January, as he laid out his plans for a national strategy on science and innovation, French President Nicolas Sarkozy lambasted the country’s university system as “infancy” and “paralyzed for creativity and innovation”. . Sarkozy implied that the French researchers were awash with cushioned jobs, and were no match for their… Read More »

Collective responsibilities

The spread in China of unproven stem cell therapies for conditions such as epilepsy and spinal cord injuries has worried the country’s health officials. There is no clear evidence that these treatments work – nor that they are killing people. Of the thousands of patients treated in China and abroad, some feel they have been… Read More »