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The Port of San Diego has acquired FREDsense Technologies Corp. To develop a five-in-one field-testing sensor gadget to supply real-time metal assessment for stormwater monitoring.

FREDsense will adapt its pre-existing titration platform to the environmental remediation business to supply an automated testing system for stormwater assessment, which is accompanied by aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and the degree of alloyed metals in San Diego Bay. can check. Nickel, all of them are manually monitored at the bottom of the port’s stormwater package at the moment.

Commissioner Rafael Castellanos said, “Having this technology and the ability to easily and rapidly access stormwater-related information will benefit not only our port, but also by ports and terminals across the country and across the country in this mission.”

It even has the potential to be adopted globally.” , Chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners and the Port Environment Committee of the Port of San Diego. “The port works to enhance and protect the high quality of the Gulf’s waters, a valuable useful resource for wildlife, residents, guests and native companies, and this mission aligns well with our mission to protect the Gulf’s assets.” aligned with.”

The mission’s method will help package storm water by providing real-time information within the field, enabling a rapid change in best administration practices (BMP) compared to laboratory information that can take several weeks for results.

The Handbook Stormwater Monitoring Strategies currently available on the market can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. The pilot mission aims to make it easy for FREDsense to deliver maximal, automated, and rapid results in minutes. It is also projected to lead to value financial savings for the port.

“We offer management and innovation to transform partner established systems, just like the Port of San Diego. We are looking forward to demonstrating the system and working with our unique disruptive water high-quality programs,” noted David Lloyd, CEO of FREDsense Applied Sciences. Look forward to working closely with the port.”

Through a two-year pilot mission, FREDsense will build the primary prototype and probe gadgets to observe storm waters. The results of the pilot mission will enable the case to be investigated in preparation for full commercialization and regulatory approval.

FREDsense creates field-enabled applied science for the rapid detection of chemical compounds across utility, mining and environmental providers’ businesses. The company has developed technology for the management and evaluation of storm water samples that uses a specialized liquid behavior system for regulatory authorized chemical strategies.

The method allows for managed chemistry and stormwater chemistry to be measured quickly and accurately. The company has validated the technology through experimental works for various tasks throughout the mining reclamation and water industry.

The port assists in a number of pilot works such as FREDsense through its Blue Economic Systems Incubator, which complements many environmental initiatives and sometimes assists with regulatory requirements and packages already underway at the port. For additional information about the Blue Economic System Incubator, visit portofsandiego.org/waterfront-development/blue-economy.

About the Port of San Diego

The Port of San Diego serves the people of California as a specially created district, balancing multiple uses over 34 miles along the San Diego Bay spanning 5 cities. While collecting {dollars} without tax, the port manages a diverse portfolio to generate revenue that helps very important public providers and facilities.

Port Champions Maritime, Waterfront Improvement, Public Security, Experience and Surroundings, all aim to enrich the connections of people and companies with our dynamic waterfront. From cargo and cruise terminals to motels and dining venues, from marinas to museums, from 22 public parks to many occasions, the port contributes to the region’s richness and remarkable lifestyle every day.

About the Port of San Diego Waterfront Development

Port of San Diego Waterfront Improvement contributes to the continued prosperity of the native financial system.

From real estate to aquaculture and blue tech, the Port invests in core redevelopment and neighborhood infrastructure, so companies in our region have a chance to remain aggressive in the international market.

About Fredsense Technologies Corp.

FREDsense is a world leader in transportable and fast water equipment programs for the water business. We next focus on analyzing water chemistry in real time using organic sensor technology. With modular and customizable sensor options, FREDsense is shifting analytical laboratory evaluation to sectors empowering water utilities, environmental consulting companies and heavy business to begin optimizing their water sources in ways that are suitable for any are not in any way.


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