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On November 9, 2020, Secretariat of Nationwide Data
Safety Standardization Technical Committee (The .)
“NISSTC”) released observation notice for cyber security
Requirements – Tips on the Code of Conduct for Synthetic
Intelligence for the Public (Draft for Comment) (“Draft”)
Response by November 23, 2020.

Draft provides warnings of potential ethics-related safety hazards
Points relating to Synthetic Intelligence (“AI”),
and supplies suggestions for AI analysis and development, design and
Manufacturing, Deployment and Software, Shopper Use and Various
related actions.

On Deployment and Software, the draft stipulates that
Employers should explain the features, limitations, hazards and
The impact of programs, services or products involving AI for customers in
a timely, accurate, complete, clear and unambiguous method, and
Explain related software courses and software outcomes.
Employers must present clients with a transparent and direct option
Mechanisms for refusing or discontinuing use of programs, goods or
AI-affiliated companies after customers refuse or stop using the programs,
AI-related services or products the employer must offer
As far as possible customers with different non-AI options.

Regional Full Financial as on November 15, 2020
Partnership Agreement (“RCEP”) concluded. RCEP
Contains 20 chapters protecting entire market penetration
Commitments on commodities, companies, financing and various sectors.

On the cross-border switch of knowledge through digital means,
RCEP also gives the party will not stop crossing the border
Knowledge sharing through digital medium is the place where such practice is
For the conduct of the business of a queuing person.

On November 13, 2020, Activity Power on Apps for Unlawful Classification
and use of personal data (“Power”) finds that
There are problems with the classification and use of non-public
Data of 35 apps. It’s quick that the respective app
Operators should rectify existing problems in time and suggest
Status of improvement in power within 30 days from now
Feather. After 30 days, the power will confirm the correction
status, submit the evaluation results to the concerned departments,
and deal with those that cannot be successfully corrected by keeping
legal guidelines.

Our Online World Administration of China on November 13, 2020
(“CAC”) has sta. issued administrative provisions on
Streaming Advertising and Marketing Data Content Content Companies (Draft for
Comment) (“Draft”) to solicit public response by
28 November 2020.

The draft states that streaming platforms will remain
Establishing a sound mechanism for registration and cancellation
Accounts and Stays Streaming Advertising Enterprises, Data
Security Administration, Code of Conduct for Advertising, Minors’
Security, Protection of customer rights, Personal data
Security, credit score analysis and information security. at the same time,
Draft Supply Stay will strengthen the streaming platform
Service Administration of Stay Streaming Data on the Web.
If illegal and dangerous information is found, it will take it immediately
Measures to deal with, hold relevant data and report back
Concerned Competent Officer. stay streaming platform
Preventing and promoting unlawful promotion, fraudulent and other
Violating customer rights and activities and warning customers about it
The dangers of personal transactions outside the platform are a specific

On November 11, 2020, Financial institution of individuals
China (“PBOC”) formally issued two requirements in monetary
Testing and analysis tips for business, especially
Hierarchical protection of cyber security of monetary business
(“Testing and Analysis Tips”) and
Implementation Tips for Hierarchical Security
Cyber ​​Security of Monetary Business (“Implementation”

Testing and analysis tips determine overall
Security Analysis Requirements and Long Requirements
Stage-2, Stage-3 and Stage-4 protected commodities in monetary terms
Business. Testing and analysis tips are relevant
Information Monetary Establishment, Analysis Establishment and
Competent departments of cyber security graded security
Monetary trading to do security analysis on security
Status of classified security items.


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