3 Surefire Ways To Connect With Your Interviewer

The difference between most areas of life and the job search process is that in most areas of life, you know WHO Your competition. You can analyze the competition’s strengths, exploit their weaknesses, and prepare accordingly to give yourself the best chance to win.

The job search process is different: you don’t know who you’re competing against.

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of applicants are vying for a single role at a company. And you never know how you stack up against them. So, how to give yourself the best chance to win?

Key connection. When we connect with others (in this case, the interviewer), it is difficult for them to forget your name. Don’t let them forget you. You need to focus on what works you Unique, and what makes you unique Regarding To your interviewer.

Here are three ways you can connect with your interviewer:

1. Research & Relationship


When you are given the name of the person conducting your interview, the first thing you should do is Research their role in the organization. Find out as much as you can about their professional life: where they went to school, what roles they’ve held before, and what big projects they’ve had the opportunity to work on.

Not only does this demonstrate your curiosity, but it also opens up space for you to ask questions and connect with the interviewer on a deeper level (in a deeper way than you would if your questions were primarily focused on the job and the company).

The goal is to find something you and the interviewer have in common. No matter how different your professional paths are, there are commonalities. You just have to work to find them.

2. Compliment (right way)

A man connects with his interviewers during a job interview


In some cases, complimenting your interviewer on their outfit is not the best idea. Whether it’s genuine or innocent, it can come off as dishonest, even flirtatious—and you won’t get any “brownie points” for it.

Congratulations (the right way) is an art. For an interview, it comes down to research (again!) and specificity. Avoid complimenting your interviewer on their appearance. Instead, focus on their career achievements.

For example, if in your research you came across a project your interviewer worked on, don’t be afraid to bring it up. You can say: “I noticed you worked XThe project was last year. The solutions you propose to deal with YThe problem is really creative and original. How has completing this project changed your role?”

By complimenting your interviewer in this way, you are focusing on the interviewer as a productive and valuable employee. They will remember how you made them feel after the interview

3. Tell a story

A woman tells a story about her job interview


Nothing engages an audience like a story. During an interview, you should think of your interviewer as your audience. A story has the power to connect anyone. It will also help you ace those tough interview questions.

When asked about a recent obstacle you overcame, don’t just tell the facts. Tell them a story. You can find the “Experience + Learn = Growth” model used Answering behavioral interview questions Be helpful.

But remember, every story ends with you. What did overcoming that obstacle teach you? What skills did you develop by overcoming it? How has it changed your perspective on work? life?

Don’t be afraid to be personal. That is, how we connect with others.

Doing these three things at your next job interview will help you connect with your interviewer, and therefore help you stand out in the hiring process. Connection is key to making your interview memorable.

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