5 Unhealthy Job Search Habits Keeping You Unemployed

Sometimes in life, our actions are completely counterproductive. For example, deciding to go on a diet. The first thing most people do is to eliminate or reduce something. Of course, the challenge of dieting is that you have to add more good foods versus removing bad foods. Good naturally replaces evil. But, planning and adding good healthy foods to your diet five to six times a day instead of going to the drive-thru twice a day is a big challenge. The same goes for your job search.

Are you going to get “job healthy” by adding good habits to your routine, or are you going to be fat, miserable and unemployed by choosing the “fast food” route? However, the challenge is knowing what is healthy. And what not.

Here are the top five unhealthy job search habits and how to replace them with healthy ones:

1. Targeting Human Resources and Recruiters


Yes, you will eventually have to talk to those people, but they should really be the last group you try to reach out to. Most people think they make hiring decisions. They don’t; The hiring manager does. And not only that, but Hiring Manager A person who has a vested interest in filling the post. If they don’t get the post, they will sleep.

So, change your habit of going to HR and start going straight to the source instead, or better yet: get a referral to the source (that gives you the inside edge). You can achieve this by: Networking is your way into the company. Reach out and connect with current employees on LinkedIn. Mention the things you have in common and explain why you are passionate about the company.

Also, HR and recruiters should contact you. Make sure your LinkedIn profile optimized So they can easily find you on the platform.

2. Wondering if the interview has anything to do with you

Unemployed woman interview for job


In fact, your target should be the same as the salesperson trying to make the sale. Your first duty is to serve others. And, the better you do at proving it, the better you get.

You are a business. The interview has less to do with you and more to do with how you are going to solve the problems the company is facing. You will know it through research and good Socratic and Behavioral interviewing.

3. Trying to be the “highest qualified candidate”.

Man shakes hiring manager's hand during his job search


Honestly, the most qualified person rarely gets the job. First of all, the most qualified person probably didn’t even apply. Second, he or she may have the best technical qualifications and years of experience, but they certainly have a terrible fit Culture and goals of the organization.

The best candidate is the best fit, the one who helps the organization reach its goals, doesn’t cause a huge rift, and stays around for a long time. Simple enough, but more challenging to prove than copying qualifications from a job description and expecting an offer.

4. Using quick fix (fast food) solutions

Unemployed woman on laptop applying for job online


The list goes on and on and includes “resume distribution” services, fancy resume writing packages, and SEO services. Unfortunately, all of these quick fixes have one thing in common: they’re passive (and inefficient) methods. Get a job.

It is also known as gambling. Sure, sometimes they work; And sometimes people win the lottery. Instead, do what 80% of successful job seekers do and get proactive Research and contact several companies And as many people as you can.

It’s always about who you know. So, get out there and make new connections!

5. Posting your resume on major job boards

An unemployed man on a laptop makes the mistake of posting his resume to job boards.


This may be the most unhealthy solution of all! why Because it serves our need for instant gratification, yet does us no real good. We think we did something, but in reality, we took a shortcut and went through the drive-thru. By spending time constantly posting your resume and applying for jobs, you are spending valuable time away from health. Active solutions.

Think about the action of Posting a resume online. It’s not as good as buying a lottery ticket. At least when you play the lottery, you’ll find out within a week why you didn’t win! Taking the easy way out is something most people do (you know, because it’s easy).

For real success, you need to do the opposite of what most people are doing. Customize your resume for each position you apply for. You can calculate the hard skills and transferable skills required for the job from your previous work experience. It may not be the easiest task, but it is the best strategy Get your resume from ATS and before the hiring manager.

Wow, we can see the job search fat melting away! Congratulations, you have now joined the ranks of the fit, active, and complete job seeker.

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