Executive Spotlight: The Best Time Management Hacks To Use On The Job

What would we do if we had more time in the day? Most of us probably think we are more productive. But if there’s one thing we want most but can’t control, it’s time. The secret to being more productive is not more time, but better time management. This is especially true at work.

The most successful professionals have exceptional time management skills. If you don’t have strong time management skills, that’s okay. Like any skill, time management skills can be developed.

We recently asked our leading executives about their best time management hacks.

Here are their responses…

Percy Lyon, Digital Media Content Executive

If you’re a video creator, YouTube manager, or someone who needs to maximize their time while working, you’ve probably already heard of “time hacks.”

Time saving techniques are basically ways to be more productive at work and get more done faster.

There are a few different strategies you can use to make the most of your time. I do the following for some.

The first thing I do is create a schedule that I can follow. I know that if I have an action plan for each day and know what to do and when, I can stay focused and make the most of my time.

Throughout the month, I aim to develop and batch my content enough for LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Long Form and YouTube Short.

I break my tasks down into manageable chunks and complete each one one at a time. This is another crucial time-saving technique.

This allows me to focus on each activity and complete it more quickly. I found various apps like Notion to keep track of what to do so you don’t forget anything.

Limiting distractions is a third time-saving trick. I mute my phone, turn off notifications, and focus on work, even though I find it challenging. That way, I’m not tempted by diversions all the time and can accomplish more in less time.

I try to take breaks throughout the day. It helps to recharge my mind and I am able to continue with the work I want to do.

By creating a schedule, breaking each task into smaller chunks, limiting distractions, and taking breaks throughout the day, I’m able to get more done in less time and be more productive.

Percy Lyon A digital media content producer specializing in educational technology and entertainment. He is interested in Web3, the Metaverse, and the use of virtual reality for storytelling.

Kathryn Marshburn, Music Program Manager

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When I saw how both Nick Cannon and Amber Grimes were working in the music industry I thought I was a great multi-tasker as an entrepreneur. They are punctual, work like no other, work efficiently, treat the housekeeping staff as a client. Always has a positive attitude and always shows up. I borrowed a life hack from Nick where he has a daily list of things to do, but he always adds a final item where he takes the time to help someone at least once a day. This is one of my favorite topics: how do we share our experiences and guide the next generation?

I value sharing my perspective with Gen Z and Millennials about the music industry and how to treat staff. I have had many students and industry people contact me to ask questions about the industry in LA, and it is important for me to connect with these requests.

My favorite time-saving hack is to follow Nick Cannon’s work style and help and serve others. But since there were so many requests, I had to come up with an organizational plan.

I reserve every Friday 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm on my calendar to serve others and share what I know about the music industry. I schedule 30-minute calls, back to back, for anyone who wants to chat on music, needs advice, connects, or is looking for resources. It helps me plan ahead and group requests together.

I am a big believer in passing it on as many people, especially women, have kicked down many doors for me.

Kathryn Marshburn Spent 12+ years in the music and gaming industries, guiding teams in identifying target goals with a proactive approach, resulting in increased revenue and reduced risk.

Mark Taylor, Product & Operations Executive

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Self-preference. Identify the current “energy axis” in your work and align what you are doing with it.

For example, I gave the CEO an update every Monday on the status of several previously stalled projects.

I know the CEO’s expectations are: 1) that everyone involved in projects is working well together and 2) that we actually do what we say we’re going to do in a timely and accurate manner.

I spent much of my week catching up on status updates, fact checking, and thinking ahead to possible questions. By the time Monday’s meeting came around I had combined these into a truth-based, expectation-meeting narrative.

This is where the “axis of power” comes in. If the CEO thinks I’m getting things done and doing a good job, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—and I live to fight another day…

Mark Taylor With 20+ years of risk, technology and product management experience working in global and regional financial services firms in the UK and US, he has managed 40+ teams, successfully resolved 100+ regulatory issues and saved companies $15M+.

Carla Biasi, Personal Stylist

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Delegation! As an executive, we are responsible for hiring the most capable team. Use the most motivated people in your group to help with tasks and responsibilities. This helps accustom them to different skills and you have the opportunity to discover hidden talents in your staff. Your employees will love a collaborative environment!

Carla Biasi A personal stylist living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She currently owns her own business and works part-time at an upscale women’s boutique and as a virtual and kit stylist for a women’s exclusive brand.

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