How To Choose The Right Internship

Are you a student close to graduation or looking to gain valuable experience? An internship can be an invaluable experience that will help you acquire much-needed skill sets and grow professionally. The only problem is that you may not be sure what you want to do for a career.

So, how do you choose the right internship?

Showing relevant work experience That should be your primary goal. Those with an internship on their resume can sometimes land jobs faster and earn higher salaries. Because an internship is a gateway to acquiring skills, marketing those skills and using those skills to find the right career.

Here are some things to consider when pursuing the right internship…

Don’t make decisions on money


Needless to say, an unpaid internship can be lucrative, leading to great returns down the road Job offer. Focus on companies that are looking to grow and expand your internship options and may bring you to their company to the next level after graduation.

Be a self-starter

A self-starting intern watches her clock at work


Finding the right internship is like a traditional job search. It’s important to have an idea of ​​a few jobs you want to pursue, and then do one Bucket list of companies That you are interested in interning.

Perhaps the company you want to intern at doesn’t usually accept interns or advertise internship opportunities. Sending a Cover letter Expressing your interest in interning for a company or volunteering 10-20 hours a week can go a long way. Show initiative, passion, dedication and drive for success to the prospective company.

This is also a great networking strategy because even if you don’t get an immediate opportunity, you’ll start to start a conversation with people at these companies and they may remember you whenever the opportunity arises.

Choose an internship that allows you to develop the necessary skills

A young professional/intern takes an online course to enhance his skills


Sure there are Required skills This is important in the workforce when looking to advance your career. Leadership, collaboration, project management and relationship building are some of those critical skills. When considering internships, research the types of skills you will gain during that internship.

Having a list of skills you want to develop will help you discover during the application and interview process whether you can develop those skills while working as an intern. During the interview, ask about the mentoring program for interns, training and support, projects and assignments, and performance criteria for feedback. Strong internship programs serve all of these goals.

Attend networking events to meet executives and business leaders

A group of professionals/interns participate in an online networking event


Meeting local business leaders and executives virtually and in person Networking events Allows you to leverage your influence and can give you great insight into the companies they work for. Don’t forget to connect with these important people on LinkedIn and always Follow up Reiterate your gratitude for meeting them with a personalized email or phone call.

Overall, choosing the right internship for you offers a future career opportunity that leads to a full-time commitment and advancement with introductory training and experience.

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