How To Correctly Follow Up After An Interview

How you communicate with employers after the interview is important, but often overlooked, in the interview process. Most career advice around job interviews discusses how to land an interview and what to do when you get one.

We’re here to help you through that difficult (and sometimes lonely!) phase after a job interview when you don’t know where you stand in the employer’s eyes.

Here are two ways you should follow up with an employer after a job interview:

1. Send a thank you note

This piece of job search advice is very common. However, implementing good Thank-you note Harder than it looks.

You should send a thank you note to a potential employer within 24 hours of your job interview. And, because the hiring manager is really busy, it’s best to send an email rather than a handwritten note.

In your note, just saying “thank you” isn’t enough. You also need to explain why Thank you for the opportunity to interview at the company. Mention specific details from the interview if you can—about the company, meeting members of the team, and the position.

During the interview, aim to remember the names of everyone you shake hands with. Then, you can drop the names of the people you met in your thank you note.

This shows the employer that you pay attention to detail and that you are already connected to the people at the company you will be working for if you get the job.

Finally, end your thank you note by reiterating why you believe you are a good fit for the job and express your excitement about the opportunity to work there.

A well-written and thoughtful thank-you note like this will definitely stand out to hiring managers.

2. Send a follow-up email


After you send your thank you note, the waiting begins.

It’s in your best interest to follow up one to two weeks after your interview. One exception is if the employer gives you a specific time frame when you expect to hear back from them. If a time frame is given, don’t follow up before then.

When you decide to follow up with an employer, a short, concise email is the way to go.

Ask if there is anything else Hiring Manager requirements from you. Reiterate your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Finally, close the email with a forward-looking statement and another “Thank you.”

Communication with a potential employer after a job interview is an integral part of the hiring process. You don’t want to offend them, but you also want to convey your excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity at the same time.

By following these two paths, you’ll stand out as an eager and proactive applicant, with communication skills that will make you shine in any position.

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