How To Never Fear Getting Laid Off

You know how to never fear getting fired? Do you know how to make sure you never have to worry about getting fired?

It’s actually very simple…

Twenty years ago, I left the world of corporate staffing and recruiting, crossed over and became an advocate for you, the worker. And I’ve seen an awful lot of people who can’t understand that Every job is temporary.

Change your mindset

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Those are full time jobs with benefits, they are an illusion. This can change anytime. Just ask all the people from the Great Recession of 2008, or better yet, the millions of people who lost their jobs in the last six months. And they will tell you that it is all an illusion.

So what do you do? Because you want to be safe, right? You want to be safe. How do you get that security?

Well, it comes down to changing your mindset.

You need to stop thinking like an employee. Instead, start thinking like a business. Your job as a business is to market and sell your services to employers. For a business to be in business (for you to be employed or employed), it must be Stay relevant in the market. When you are confident in your skills and relevance as a professional, you don’t fear being fired. You know that every job is temporary and if you get fired, you can and will find another job.

This is one of the seven mindsets you need now to take control of your career and win Workplace Renegade. And when you feel truly in control of your career, you’ll never fear getting fired again.

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