How To Tell If You Are Going To Get Laid Off

If you’ve ever worked at a typical company in corporate America, you know that layoffs are a common phenomenon. How does the company decide who stays and who goes? How do you know if you will be fired? These are the most important questions you should ask as an employee, and I can answer them.

It’s all about ROI

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When an organization is restructuring, they are given some amount to cut. And one of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is to reduce the number of employees in the company.

The company calculates the value of each employee, the return on investment (ROI), and decides to fire employees who are not providing the company with the desired ROI and are not providing the most value.

For example, if a company pays you $10 an hour, it actually costs them $13 to $14 to hire you because they have to pay taxes and other things on top of your salary. Then, “Who is saving enough money or making us money to justify their spending?”

Now, in a situation where there are multiple employees creating the same value, they ask, “Who do they get along with easily?” Personality begins to play a role In decision, but also in aptitude. “Who can adapt when we’re understaffed and we have to do more with less?”

ROI, personality and aptitude are considered when a company decides who to fire.

How to avoid getting fired


If you want to avoid being cut off, you must first be clear about your worth. Can you articulate to your employer how you are saving and making enough money to justify the cost of your job?

Sit down and talk to your boss about it. See if you are creating that value and what you can do if you can Create added value on the job.

Sometimes people come to me and say, “I had perfect performance reviews for a year and got fired.” Yes, because it is not about your past performance. It’s about the value you’re creating and where they can cut. It always comes down to your current value as an employee. If you want to avoid getting fired, remember this simple fact.

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