Lied On Your Resume? Here’s What You Need To Do…

When you land an interview with a company, the deciding factor is probably your resume—specifically, the types of skills and experience you include on it. But what if you lie on your resume?

Sleeping on your resume can backfire on you in the hiring process. This can hinder your job search and cause more problems if you are do Get hired. If you’re thinking of sleeping on your resume, why not think twice?

Why do people sleep on resumes?


Because many job seekers lie on their job applications and resumes They worry that they will not be hired based on facts.

you can do Get hired with your current qualifications. Have faith! There is a job for you somewhere. However, if you haven’t yet earned your stripes in the trenches it may not be as great a role as you’d like.

It is important to know Your true strengths and to influence them accordingly. Your job is to sell yourself to potential employers on your resume and in your job interview. After all, you are in business. Lying about qualifications to get ahead quickly puts you at risk.

Employers don’t always know if you’re lying on your resume or faking your way through A new job. But if they figure it out, you’re back to square one. And you’re fired.

For example, a TV broadcaster in Toronto, Canada was fired after 10 years on the job for outright lying about completing his education. Marilee Jones is an ambitious academic administrator who obtained the position of dean of admissions at MIT on the false claim of an undergraduate degree she never completed. As soon as the information came to light, she was dismissed from her duties. Some companies will go ahead and verify your employment, find out you lied, and never tell you. They won’t hire you—and they’ll flag you as a “do not hire”…ever. Let’s avoid that.

What if you lied on your resume?

The man insisted on lying on his resume


So, what can you do if you lie on your job application or your resume?

Have you been trying to bluff your way through 10 years or more? On the job application form, did you tell them about your misconduct—if not, when? How can you manage this without losing your job?

1. Withdraw your application

The woman on the phone retracted her dishonest job application


This is your safest option. Just call and say you are “withdrawing your application at this time”. If asked for a reason, tell them you have “reconsidered your application”.

That is true.

They may assume that the timing, title, or money isn’t right, or that you have something else Job offer Or you hear something that makes you think it’s not the right company for you. That’s all right.

2. Revise your resume & ask the hiring manager to suggest a new copy

Wondering when the man lied on his resume


In this case, you can tell them that you have “noticed some errors” and “want to correct them”. Remember this won’t work if you create exaggerated jobs or performance claims. However, if you want, you can honestly say that you want to be “more precise”. They may think you have someone else Write your resume And the faults are theirs.

That said, it doesn’t always work.

3. Come clean

A woman on a laptop insists on lying on her resume


It may mean you lose a job opportunity, but sometimes people have big hearts. There’s a good chance they’ll find out about the lie(s) anyway Reference checks Or your own social media presence (such as LinkedIn).

Provide a corrected resume or job application and tell them the truth. In life, we must own our mistakes and learn from them. Tell them that too – you made a mistake and you want to fix it. Doing so is a sign of good character. People make mistakes, especially under pressure (and the job requires a lot of pressure).

It is better not to be in this situation, but if the deed is done, these are the top three ways to solve the problem…

How to avoid the problem

You can explain Job Vacancies and sudden departures from school or a former job in an interview. If you have a criminal record and any DUIs on it, be upfront about it or call immediately to say you neglected to mention it and want to “set the record straight.”

Some things aren’t automatic barriers to employment—but they can be lied about.

Now is the time to change your resume and social media profiles like LinkedIn so you never have to worry about it again. Do it today so if your dream job opens up tomorrow, you’ll be polished and ready Stand by the owners On your own merit.

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