Member Spotlight: Bharat Kirthivasan, Project/Program Management

At Work It Daily, we call our members “Workplace Renegades.” A workplace renegade is someone who believes in themselves and joins our community to finally take control of their career. They believe in working to live, not living to work. Bharat Kirtivasan is a top member of our community who exemplifies these qualities.

Below, Bharat Kirtivasan answers a few questions about his career field and explains why he joined (and remains involved in) the Work It Daily community.

Why I work #everyday

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I am proud to be a part of the biopharmaceutical sector. We help protect people and improve their quality of life. All our decisions are made with the patient in mind.

In the future, I would like to cross-functionally manage every aspect of a product from inception to commercial output. Using these skills, I like to intelligently discuss the value of successful projects and the company as a whole.

Work It Daily provides insight on how to apply for positions, how to present yourself at your best in interviews, and how to communicate your insights on interviews and in your career. I noticed another aspect of the hiring process.

Benefits of being a Program Manager


A program manager works on some or all phases of drug design, early clinical trials, drug development, and commercialization. Often, multiple projects are managed in parallel. You will get a bird’s eye view of scenario planning, staying within budget, ensuring departmental collaboration, monitoring progress and brief communications with top management.

A major advantage for me is the interaction between multiple departments and functions working towards a common goal. I especially like working with people, thinking critically and finding effective solutions to problems.

Work-life balance for program managers

A calendar on a computer for a program or project manager


There is no single formula. It is important to remember that life comes first and an unhappy life makes it difficult to thrive at work. When the project is over, do a quick review: How well did your initial estimates of time, success metrics, other resources, etc. hold up? In general, a mad dash for deadlines negatively affects work-life balance; So, plan your work as much as possible (easier said than done).

Reasons to work in the pharma/biotech industry

Concept of pharmaceutical/biotech industry


You contribute to people’s health and quality of life. Also, this field combines biology, chemistry, engineering, numbers and critical problem-solving. Deadlines are tight and people come together to meet them.

Advice to program managers

Concept of teamwork, collaboration, pharmaceutical, biotech, creativity, brainstorming, skills

You need to strengthen your people skills, patience, attention to detail and grit.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Bharat about his career and experiences in the Work It Daily community.

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